How to Make Nutrition Work for You in Gaining Muscle

Nutrition is often extremely overlooked when it comes to building muscle, people simply don’t understand that your body creates muscle from the nutrients contained within the food you eat, it’s as simple as that. When you work out, you’re tearing your muscles, making it so something needs to “fill” this tear, this is what protein services to do, essentially. There are also other essential fatty and amino acids for building muscle, carbs, calories, ETC. If you understand the intake of these ratios along with how much you’re physically exerting your body, you can much more accurately control your workout regiment and therefore your life just through nutrition! The age old adage is that you are what you eat, and to many degrees this is true, the food you eat constitutes your muscles and your body when it replenishes itself, so when you eat clean food, you become a bit cleaner.


How junk nutrition is bad for muscle building and overall fitness

Junk nutrition is typically fast food or general processed food that contains chemicals, or filler carbohydrates, fat or sugar to taste good to you. While it’s possible to be fit while eating these things, it makes your body work much harder to eliminate them, because the human body was not designed to digest these substances at the rate that we do, imagine how much sugar people had until the past few hundred years, almost none! Junk foods also contain dangerous fats which can affect your blood pressure and arteries.

How to clean up you nutrition for gains and better habits

Some people who want to start getting in shape, or people who are in shape and realize they could be in BETTER shape by eating better, think it’s too hard. In actuality, it’s so basic! The way to clean up your nutrition, period is to make it more basic. Stop buying pre prepared meals, buy whole grain everything for wheat based products, including rice, bread, and any other kinds of exotic grains like quinoa. Buy fresh meats from market if you eat it, no reason to buy precooked meats by brands like Tyson, they often have low amounts of protein and high amounts of sodium and other chemicals that preserve meats while frozen over a long amount of time. Make your own food at home, and if you say you say this takes too long, no way! Buy 7 tupper ware dishes, cook/boil 5 pounds of chicken on Sunday every week, separate it in the containers and every night you have a ready made dinner depending on how and when you want to prepare it, and you don’t have to worry about food for the week essentially, you can add rice to a rice cooker any night and have rice and chicken in a tortilla shell, or over vegetables (which I would recommend to buy frozen over canned, as they’re the most fresh, they get picked, cleaned and frozen instantly so they have the least amount of contact with anything that could contaminate them), and from there you can just get creative, adding in your own spices and seasonings, just steer away from any chemicals that seem odd, and if you don’t understand what you’re eating on a ingredient list, look it up!