Losing Weight: Modern & Healthy Ways To Trim Down

Chances are that you’ve tried to research new and successful ways to losing weight. Those same chances apply in the event that you’ve probably been deterred with extremely vague and almost factually inaccurate.

Things To Consider

One of the main things, aside from lack of exercise, that contributes to fat gain is starches and sugar. The first step on the road to a new, slim body is effectively cutting out the majority of starches and sugars. These types of ingredients in foods are responsible for slowing the flow of insulin in the body and are the main sources of fat storage. One could surmise that if you cut out foods that are heavy on starch and sugar, you will be able to decrease fat development. Another strong benefit of decreasing insulin is your kidneys will drop the extra sodium in your body which will bring down any bloating.

Losing WeightEating more vegetables and meat is another key ingredient to heaving a healthier body and eliminating fat. Lowering your fat and carb intake while increasing the amount of protein you eat per day will not only not only make you physically healthy, but will also make your muscles stronger while giving you more energy. Common sources of protein being: Chicken, various types of fish, pork, lamb, eggs,  or hamburger meat. Possibly the most beneficial aspect of eating a high amount of protein is that it reduces the overthinking of food, which means no more unneeded snacking.

Eat Your Greens

We all have that group of vegetables that we just don’t like. With that being said, low carb vegetables are greatly focused on reducing the amount of food that you eat post-consumption and providing some of your daily required nutrients. Types of low carb vegetables are Kale, Brussel sprouts, swiss chard, lettuce, celery, and cauliflower. A diet that solely consists of meat and vegetables will provide all of the necessary daily requirements for vitamins and nutrients.

Eating 2-3 meals daily is recommended but don’t be shy in eating that fourth meal if you’re feeling like you need it. Though, you need to take into account fats. It was previously mentioned that you need to decrease fats, but this was speaking more in regards to unhealthy foods that are high in fat. You need a certain amount of fat each day. The majority of fat sources can be acquired from cooking your meats or vegetables. These sources can be butter, olive oil, or even avocado oil.

The fact of the matter here is that you will need a fat source, a carb source, and a protein source in each meal. Doing this will maintain the health of your organs and digestion, increases muscle strength and regeneration, decreases the secretion of insulin, and gives you all of the required vitamins and nutrients you need in one day.

Overall, we did not cover exercise here, and that is because technically one does not need to exercise to lose weight. It is recommended that you follow this diet strictly in order to achieve the best possible results.