Which Las Vegas Personal Trainer Is Right For You

If you’re a new gym goer or just trying to shed some pounds to get the summer body that you oh-so desire, then getting a Las Vegas personal trainer is something that you should consider for multiple reasons.

Being new in the gym usually isn’t the most pleasant experience. Not only are you uncomfortable in your own skin, but you don’t know where any of the machines are and on top of that, you really are unsure of how to use them all. This is where a personal trainer would be very beneficial to you. Personal trainers are paid to know these things and boy howdy, do they know these things. They not only spend time improving their body in the gym, but spend a good amount of time and energy working on helping others as well.

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We all have different areas that we’d like to improve on. Personal trainers can be the objective eye that we need. The thing about exercising is that you will see your muscles change and while that can be good, you’re probably looking for a specific aesthetic to go with them. A personal trainer can help with that because they are trained to help with specific muscle groups and have the knowledge to effectively target those muscle groups.

Doing more sets than you’re capable of is the wrong way to push yourself. Attaining new muscles and gains the fastest way possible is what we aim for, however, that’s not the correct way of handling it, and can possibly do more damage than good. A qualified personal trainer will push you but still keep you in a safe realm of exercise. They will shout things like “come on, give me 5 more reps!” And “Just five more minutes!”. This is an effective measure for testing your limits. It will also help you in increasing those limits.

If you’re like me, then sometimes you fall off the diet wagon and go snacking. Trainers will see that you’ve been coming up short and call you out. Now, some of us see this as invasive, but in actuality it’s a very good thing. Being held accountable fitness wise can keep you on your toes when you’re tempted to get an unneeded snack or go out for a couple of beers that turn into more than just a couple. Let’s face it, we all need to be put back in check every now and then.

Personal Trainer vs DVD Instruction

The comfort of our home can be deterring enough to skip the gym. Another reason can also be that DVD training has become more popular by the year and fitness goers seem to think that once or twice a week following some trainer’s instructions from their TV. That could not be further from the truth.


With the new wave of fitness goers that decide to work out at home rather than seek a professional to guide them came P90X, which is labeled as an “Extreme Fitness Workout”. Now, can you do this workout and see results? If you maintain consistency, use the correct form, and have proper dieting then yes, you can see results. One thing that the program lacks, however, is a personalization. This program and others like it aren’t made for any specific body type and don’t focus on areas that you personally need to work on. The person in the DVD cannot see you, they cannot see where you struggle, or where you need to work on and give you any kind of advice for that.

A personal trainer can not only identify these soft areas but they can give you professional assistance in working on them. They can fit their recommendations into the program they are going through with you and push you until you get the results desired. While DVDs can come with motivational speeches or pictures laced throughout the presentation, an in-person motivator cannot be topped. A personal trainer will ring you up if you don’t show up for your session and leave you voicemails to check in. Personal trainers will aim to build a positive relationship with you to not only keep you in shape physically, but mentally as well.

Why The Gym Is Important & The Benefits

Nobody likes working out, people more enjoy the end result; how the body ends up looking. There are biological benefits along with the more known physical and mental benefits. Taking care of your body will help it better fight off illness and provide you with energy on the days where you would have previously had none. Coupled with that, is the positive effects that it has on your relationship. Let’s face facts here, everyone enjoys someone who is in shape. They look happy, they look healthy, and strong.

It feels good to walk out of a gym after 2 hours of putting in work building up your muscles. Once you look in the mirror and start to get a clear picture of what your new body will look like, your brain will start releasing endorphins, the happy chemical. Another thing that will improve is the time it takes for you to fall asleep. Normally, you may toss and turn and put in a good hour before you can drift off into dream land but after a vigorous training session, your body needs rest.

A personal trainer knows all of these things and will be happy to guide you along into the process. They can also give you dieting tips such as what kinds of protein that will help replenish your muscles the fastest.

Above everything else, personal trainers have the experience needed to help you work away at the fatty areas you wish to slim down. Someone who has a career built in helping people become a healthier version of themselves is the safer, more logical way in introducing yourself to physical exercise that you’re unfamiliar with.