How to Attain a Modern Level of Fitness

Fitness is a broad term, used to describe one’s well being physically usually, but technically scientifically it is the ability for genes or cells to propagate themselves, so quite literally it’s perpetual strength and growth. Fitness, as we know it today in the modern era is a double edged sword, we know more than EVER about exactly how to get in shape, whereas just a few decades ago we were making “best guesses” we now have the answers down how to gain what muscle, where, etc. The only missing link is genetics and of course that is quite a dynamic variable.


The benefits of modern fitness

As mentioned before, so much of the guesswork is taken out of getting into shape now. We know that if you eat more carbs than you burn, you generate fat. We know that if you tear muscle fibre thru exercise and then consume proper proteins and amino acids, your muscles will grow. As short as a few decades ago, everything to do with fitness was speculation nearly, and if there was science it was drowned over advertising, but the concrete scientific evidence of how to maintain good fitness was just not there. If you stick to the basics of modern sports and athletic sciences, genetics notwithstanding, you will probably get good results. Back a few decades ago there were no conventional normal, widely accepted scientifically and by the community

The cons of modern fitness

Modern fitness is greatly expedited by the amount of scientific research we have available, because people know fitness is now a axiomatic science, so it’s much more easy to market to them with made up scientific facts. There are tons of “dummy” courses that costs tons of money in subscriber fees that promise to get you jacked, and leave you out hundreds or thousands of dollars, and it seemed like the person was completely reputable! This leaves you to have to do your due diligence when searching for fitness courses, there are a LOT of snake oil salesman and some of the programs can even be harmful physically if the person is uneducated and selling it.

How to get the most out of modern fitness

Really in the modern age we have so much benefit when it comes to fitness, we just have to be very careful to not pay attention to the garbage when it comes to fitness info, you can read how muscles work, how muscle building works on a biological and anatomical level and then understand how nutrients work in conjunction, all on a computer within a few hours if you like, and this knowledge gives YOU a understanding to go by in your own mind rather than someone else. That being said, there are some extremely smart people out there who condense this information for you so you don’t have to thumb through medical textbooks to understand how your body works, these guys put it together in laymen’s terms and sometimes it’s very effective, just read reviews and be diligent!